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Development of business support and information management for service organizations & the real estate industry

Meta is an independent consultancy company specializing in Management Consulting within operational development and information management.

The focus is to enable persisting customer value by combining consultant experience, knowledge of the clients organization and well established methods.

Meta offers support for business development and quality-assured information management to customers throughout Scandinavia.

Business development and business support

Meta works with many of Sweden's and Scandinavia's leading companies and organizations in a number of both small and complex projects that aim to improve operations, both in terms of business development and business support. Meta assists customers with strategic decision-making, transparency of processes and administrative routines, and independent advice in order to improve internal and external business processes and information structures.

META short facts

  • Founded in 1989
  • HQ in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Employee owned
  • AAA financial rating

Service offerings

Meta has several key Service Areas according to the bullet points below.

  • Portals, documents and BIM
  • Strategies for development and management of buildings
  • Procurement Support and Implementation of Business Support Systems
  • Business driven process modelling
  • Digitalization and Information Strategy

Meta delivers projects through a variety of succesfull factors which have been proven since Meta was founded. Metas delivery model differs from other consultancy companies. The goal is for every employee to have between two and four projects simultaneously. This goal achieves several things, for example flexibility in differing workloads throughout a project, meaning Meta can scale up and down in a rather efficient manner with already existing project members. It also allows Meta to deliver a better result for the customer since the project team members each have their own specialty. It also allows the employees at Meta to exchange knowledge within the company.


  • are an independent consultancy
  • have extensive international experience
  • assists with strategic decision-making
  • help you to streamline your administrative routines & internal processes
  • help improve your information management

With the business in focus, Meta helps its customers to identify information needs and to streamline daily work.

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